Karchesky Canna
           & Brugmansia

  Cannas by Flower Colour


Keeping Cannas Growing & Blooming Beautifully

Cannas are heavy feeders and respond well to extra nutrition and good watering especially during the strong growing months.

Adding a little liquid fish emulsion or fertilizer every other watering will keep them growing strong. They can also be side dressed with good humus or a non-burning fertilizer every few weeks. If pests are noticed, take care of them immediately so they will not become a problem.

Also, as a stem finishes blooming, the spent heads can be removed and cut back to the foliage of the plant. If the plant will still maintain its form, and the stem does not contribute to its beauty, it can be cut all the way to the ground.

In a short time, a new shoot and stem will come up to take its place.

"Tropical Rose"

"Polar Vortex"

Please note that heights & colors may vary slightly among geographical regions, by growing seasons, and by levels of care provided.